Meet Africa, The Passion For Genuine Africa

Who we are and why you can trust us

Why Meet Africa?

Africa is the Motherland. It's the origin of all life forms on our planet and has a lot to tell us. Meet Africa's mission is to spread a positive narrative about Africa and encourage the world's citizens to see for themselves the treasures of the continent.

Through Meet Africa, you can uniquely experience Africa. Our diverse tours allow guests to truly meet Africa in a sustainable way while having fun and traveling comfortably.

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Meet Africa's Values


Our tours offer opportunities to meet Africans. Guests can have formal encounters in the form of prolonged discussions with our lead guides, local entrepreneurs, historians, traditional chiefs, artists, etc. As we travel, we meet villagers, hosts, local guides, police officers, street vendors, tailors, school teachers, farmers, etc.


We believe diversity should be celebrated. Diversity amongst people translates to enlightening conversations as one is exposed to different perspectives. Our tours are open to all nationalities and genders irrespective of their sexual orientation and age. We encourage discussions within groups so guests can share their views on the activities we offer. We value exchanging ideas. We believe that diversity helps the world evolve, and we want to be an agent of progress.

Mother Earth is very precious to us. We value all that travel offers, and we recognize that we can travel responsibly. We minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible, leaving no trace behind. We consume food prepared from local agriculture, considering everyone’s dietary restrictions and taste. We opt for the most eco-friendly hotels and transportation. We also educate our guests on sustainable living.


Our tours include visiting local producers, shops, and businesses. We promote the local economy to benefit the local communities and encourage guests to appreciate local products. We solely engage in business with companies that impact the community, and we pay fairly for their services.


We recognize that our guests come to Africa for a vacation. Therefore, we design our tours to meet Africa while having a good time. Our guests can enjoy a wide array of activities with a degree of flexibility. We avoid rushing people through activities and avoid spending too much time on transportation.

Meet Africa's Founder


Founder, Tour Director, Global Citizen

Born in Paris, France, a child of Togolese parents, I traveled the world for leisure and work. I have lived in Paris, London, Stockholm, and New York City. I now live in Lomé, Togo.

After 20 years of working in financial services, I left the corporate world to follow my passion for traveling and Africa. I founded Meet Africa to spread a positive narrative about Africa and have guests meet Africa, the real Africa, which is more than its safaris and lovely beaches. I am Meet Africa’s Tour Director. I design all the tours based on my experiences and ensure all the aspects of each trip are consistent with our mission and values.

Meet Africa's Team


Travel Advisor

Passionate about travel, my adventures brought me all over West Africa. My interests lie in learning about new cultures and the history of our ancestors. I was an easy fit for Meet Africa as I embrace its founding principles. I take part in creating itineraries that guests will love and advise clients who want a bespoke experience in Africa.


Marketing & Visual Content Creator

Having had the chance to travel with Thierry, I know his ability to connect people. So it was only natural that I agreed to put my skills at the service of this project, helping as many people as possible to discover our Motherland.

I spent the last fifteen years learning about branding, marketing, and media creation. My role at Meet Africa is to define the marketing strategy and create visual content.

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A Word from the Founder

“Beyond history, landscapes, and culture, Africa is about encounters” 

I traveled the world, and I have always considered myself a global citizen. However, there is one place that means more to me. It’s Africa...