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People on a pirogue on a lake at dawn


9 days

From $1,285

Explore the stunning nature and vibrant culture of Togo's south, where the welcoming locals will make you feel right at home.

Bouche du Roy: estuary of Mono River in Grand Popo, Benin


14 days

From $1,829

2 weeks of deep dive in South Benin's culture, history, marvelous landscapes, and incredible people. A transformative and rich experience not to be missed.

View of Elmina Castle from afar


3 days

From $358

From exploring Elmina Castle to engaging in cultural workshops and venturing into Kakum National Park, the Cape Coast Tour promises unique experiences.

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In a world dominated by the Western culture, we believe that our slow-paced Africa can teach us a lot

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Africa is packed with experiences; we want you to have all of them. We’ll show you the cultural, historical, and spiritual aspects of the continent, along with the sustainable, business, and modern aspects.

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Traveling is a privilege that must be cherished. On our path to discovery, we are considerate of the planet. We invest in the future. We travel responsibly.

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We don't sacrifice fun! When we're on vacation, we want to have a good time. We travel and lodge comfortably and sustainably.

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The Land Of The Ancient Kingdom Of Dahomey


The Shiny Black Star

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Traveling to West Africa is an exciting and rewarding experience. It can be the trip of a lifetime. However, many people ask whether it is safe to travel to Africa. Follow these ten safety tips for traveling in West Africa to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

There is something magical about the baobabs when they grow old, sometimes the tissue inside the trees dies, leaving behind a big hole. For big trees, these holes are like caves and are big enough to accommodate several people.

You want to visit Africa. Congratulations! You have made a fantastic decision. The Motherland has so much to offer that can enrich one’s life. But where should you go? If you really want to "meet Africa", visit West Africa first!