Responsible Travel

We care for the planet and the local population. We travel responsibly.

Our Commitment

Meet Africa believes in responsible travel. We believe in respecting the planet, the African communities, our employees, and you. We do not support any carbon offsetting programs because we believe they are not very effective and are a distraction from the reality: We need to change our habits. We exercise responsibility through our commitment to maximize social and economic benefits for the local communities, enhance cultural heritage, and reduce negative impacts on the environment. 

Our Responsible Travel Principles

Photograph of a mortar and a pestle against a mud wall

Mortar and pestle used to pound food


We opt for small eco-friendly hotels/lodges or guesthouses, that are locally owned, built with local material, and sustainably managed, when available. We avoid large and chain hotels. However, we will ensure that the rooms you stay in offer all the necessary comfort so you can have a great time.

Local Guides

You will be accompanied by a tour guide, part of the Meet Africa team, for the whole duration of your trip. These guides are fluent in English and French, as well as some local languages. Further, at each attraction, we will book an official local guide to show you around.


You will travel in well-maintained minibuses that consume low fuel, minimizing CO2 emissions. We will transition to hybrid or electric vehicles when they become available, depending on the countries we are visiting. We optimize our tours to minimize travel distance.

Small Groups

We travel in small groups, as few as 10 people, to limit our impact on the environment and on the people we visit. This also allows for better interactions with the locals and within the group.


Our guests can observe wildlife in their natural habitat—in national parks or reserves. By paying the entrance fees, we contribute to conservation initiatives. We work with guides trained to respect the environment and animal habitat.

Local Business Support

We bring our guests to local craft centers, shops, and cultural events to support and promote local artisans and artists. We also support local entrepreneurs by introducing them to our guests and encouraging business.


We collect waste generated during the trip, and we locally recycle or safely dispose of the same. We also give our guests a zero-waste travel kit that they can use on any trip.


We will dine in restaurants that use local and organic products when available. Vegetarian options will always be available. You will have a wide choice of dishes so you can discover the local cuisine

Cultural Heritage

We spread knowledge about local history and culture by bringing our guests to historical and cultural sites. By paying the entrance fees to these sites, we contribute to their maintenance.

Our Community Action

We organize regular plastic pick-ups in the streets of the neighborhood. We give the plastic collected to NGOs and entrepreneurs who recycle it.

Photograph of people carrying trash bags and walking in a red clay street

How You Can Help

Everyone is an agent of change. Keep these tips in mind when preparing for responsible travel and on the trip. 


  • Bring back waste that cannot be recycled or safely disposed locally (batteries, etc.)
  • Use our filter bottle to drink water instead of buying plastic bottles


  • A shower usually consumes less water than a bath. Opt for showers and keep them short. Turn off the tap when you are lathering up, shampooing, or shaving.
  • Use eco-friendly soap to avoid polluting the water.


  • Choose natural ventilation over ACs whenever you can.
  • Use solar batteries to charge your electronics.


  • If possible, use direct flights, minimizing the miles flown as well as the number of take-offs and landings, which consume the most energy.
  • Pack light, the lighter are your bags, the lesser is the energy required to transport them.