Custom Travel In Africa: Your Desires, Your Perfect Trip

Our tailor-made services to travel as you wish

Custom Travel In Africa For Any Type Of Group

Friends & Families

Celebrate life's special moments with a tailored African adventure for your group. Whether you're commemorating a milestone, reuniting for a special occasion, or simply seeking quality time with loved ones, we will design the perfect trip for your unique needs.

Businesses & Organizations

Are you looking for ways to strengthen the cohesion of your teams and boost employee morale? Meet Africa can help! We design team-building events that are unique, innovative, and tailored to your company's needs. Our excursions are not only a great way to increase the sense of belonging among your employees, but they can also be integrated into your company's CSR approach.

Schools & Universities

Do you want to expand your academic horizons, foster cultural understanding, conduct specialized research, or explore Africa's awe-inspiring environments? We offer bespoke programs to inspire and educate. Let us partner with your institution on its learning journey.

Let Us Create Your Dream Trip!

If you’re looking for custom travel in Africa, we can design itineraries to cater to your budget, your intended level of comfort, the activities you are interested in, and the duration of your stay. Our team will arrange transportation, book accommodation, and provide a local guide for you based on your unique desires.

We will also advise you on how to travel responsibly since it is the best way to travel today.

Contact us, and we will schedule a consultation to understand your needs. Whether you want to travel as a family or private group or travel with your business/organization or school/university, our team is ready to organize the perfect African tour for you.

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2 Types Of Custom Travel in Africa

Choose the best option considering your travel style

Guided Tours

You want to be guided

Private guide for the trip duration


Air-conditioned vehicle

Bespoke itinerary

Self-Guided Tours

You are a group of true adventurers

Detailed bespoke itinerary with GPS points

Contact info of local guides

Travel notes

Optional chauffeur and air-conditioned vehicle

24h phone assistance during the trip

Let's Talk !

With custom travel in Africa, it's best to talk to prepare for your fantastic voyage.

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