Inspiring 2 Days Around Ouidah To Elevate Your Mind, Body And Soul

Discover Ouidah with all its history and culture before a day of relaxation at Lake Ahémé


2 days

Meeting Point

Cotonou, Benin, or

Lomé, Togo

Group Size

10 max.


French & English

Minimum Age


What To Bring

Swimwear, reusable water bottle

Elevate your Mind, Body and Soul

Ouidah Tour Highlights

Day 1: Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Benin! We'll whisk you away from Cotonou or Lomé, igniting the adventure with a drive to the historic town of Ouidah. Brace yourself for a unique experience at an African contemporary art museum, where creativity knows no bounds. After an inspiring morning, we'll taste a delightful lunch amidst the artistic treasures.

We dive into a city tour that will etch memories into your soul. Follow the steps of history along the Slave Route, a path laden with stories of pain and resilience. Discover the voodoo sacred places where ancient traditions pulse with life. The city's different architectural styles will make you better understand its history.

We'll find solace in our charming lodge, steeped in tradition and heritage, setting the stage for a serene night. Then, we'll gather on the terrace of a local restaurant, where delectable cuisine that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Benin awaits us.

Day 2: We'll set our course towards the tranquil Lake Ahémé. A boat ride through mangroves will transport you where the spa beckons with promises of rejuvenation.

Here, you'll enjoy local delicacies, a symphony of flavors reflecting Benin's bounty. Embark on a sensory journey as you indulge in a full-body argyle mask, a ritual that will leave your skin glowing with vitality. The shea butter massage that follows is a sublime caress, melting away the cares of the world. As you surrender to relaxation, let the echoes of the lake lull you into a state of blissful tranquility.

As the day draws to a close, we'll bid farewell to this oasis, returning to Cotonou or Lomé, hearts full of memories forever lingering in the soul.

Starting at $221 / person

Day 1

  • African contemporary art museum
  • Lunch at the museum
  • City tour including Slave Route, voodoo sacred places and architectural styles
  • Dinner in a restaurant in town
  • Night in a traditionally built lodge

Day 2

  • Boat ride to the spa
  • Lunch at the spa
  • Full-body argyle mask
  • Shea butter massage
  • Relaxation
  • Return to Cotonou or Lomé

Total travel time:

  • 4h from Cotonou
  • 7h from Lomé

Breakfast & lunch included on day 2

All Included


One night in a lodge in double occupancy

Transportation for the whole trip

Breakfast and lunch on day 2

Mineral water

Tour guide for the whole trip

Entrance fees and local guides


Lunch and Dinner on day 1

Personal expenses

Extra drinks


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Our Promise To Travel Responsibly

Local Food

We dine in restaurants that use local products and offer a wide choice of dishes so you can discover the local cuisine.

Vegetarian options are available.

Cultural Heritage

We showcase the rich history and strong culture of Ouidah.

You experience a spa treatment, which is an ancestral ritual.

We highlight art, voodoo, the slave trade, ancient kingdoms, and traditions.


Accommodation for this tour is in a small eco-friendly lodge built with local materials.

We use 5-liter water bottles to limit our use of plastic.

Fair Trade Travel

We care about our partners and value their contributions. Therefore, we pay them a fair wage.

We partnered with museums, local entrepreneurs, guides, and lodge owners for this tour.

Cancellation policy

Impact local

Practical info: visa. etc.

Our promise

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If you are curious about the Beninese history, from the slave trade to the ancient kingdoms that dominated the area, the voodoo culture, the city's architecture, and contemporary African art, and if you'd like to relax and take care of your body traditionally, the Ouidah tour is for you. Join us and enjoy these two days of learning and fun.

Message or call us to plan your fantastic voyage!

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