The Grand Togo Tour In 14 Days

Meet Togo, its culture, people, fauna and flora with this extensive journey across Togo


16 days

Meeting Point

Lomé, Togo

Group Size

10 max.


French & English

Minimum Age


Meet Togo

Grand Togo Tour

14 Days – From $2,499

$2,499 for adults double occupancy

$2,800 for adults single occupancy

$1,999 for children under 12 years old

The Grand Togo Tour is your unique opportunity to experience Togo extensively. Meet the Togolese people: villagers, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and activists. Immerse in the culture of the country through delicious food, music, dance, and traditions. Marvel at the varied African landscapes, fauna, and flora from the green south to the savannah in the north. Have fun on this once-in-a-lifetime African trip.

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Grand Togo Tour Highlights

Day 1 – Arrive in Lomé

Pick up at the airport. Transfer to the eco-villa.

Meet the staff and other guests.

Settle and rest at the eco-villa or go to a nearby beach. (depending on time of arrival)

Diner at the eco-villa. (depending on time of arrival)

We spend the night in a beautiful villa entirely constructed with local material and decorated with pieces from local artists and artisans.


45 min

Day 2 – Discover the landmarks of Lomé

Palais de Lomé: Admire contemporary art from Togolese artists in this beautifully restored Palace of the Governors. Stroll in the wonderful garden displaying plants from the different regions of the country.

Lunch by the pool of Lomé’s famous high rise and see Lomé from above. Visit Independence Square.

Free time or optional activities (voodoo market or shopping).

Welcome party at the eco-villa: Live traditional music and dance, African dinner is served on the roof terrace, facing the ocean.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner



Day 3 – Meet the living forces of Lomé

Artist studio: Meet a painter where he works, discover his art, and start a conversation.

Espace Viva: Discover a venue built with recycled material and designed by a local entrepreneur in organic cosmetics.

Lunch cooked by a local chef showcasing his creations.

Woelab: A low-tech and eco-conscious startup incubator. Understand the philosophy behind it and witness a few projects.

Dinner at a restaurant. Sleep in the eco-villa.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner



Day 4 – Explore the Missahoe forest

Visit an organic farm before we eat lunch made with the farm’s products.

Charming village on Mount Kloto: In the classified forest of Missahoe, we walk among agricultural fields and century-old trees. Our guide shows us how plants are traditionally used in daily life.

Painting by the waterfall: We head to a cute nearby waterfall where a painter using plant pigments shows his art and where we can cool down in the water.

We spend the night in modern, tastefully decorated mud huts constructed traditionally. You are free to eat dinner at the hotel or elsewhere.

Breakfast, lunch



Day 5 – Enjoy a waterfall and engage with artists and artisans

Hike the mountain to reach two gorgeous falls in Kpimé. Enjoy a picnic by the water.

Learn the basics of African dance and drums in a remote cultural center.

Meet local artists and artisans and admire their work.

Dinner at a restaurant with a choice of Togolese delicacies. Sleep at the ecolodge.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner



Day 6 – Immerse in the culture of the center of Togo

Admire the amazing Tchébé stilt-dancers performing a traditional dance of the Ifè people.

Savor fonio, a traditional meal of the Akposso people.

Enjoy the traditional fire dance of the Tem people.

Breakfast, lunch



Day 7 – Discover Bassar and enjoy a green haven

See the remains of old furnaces and learn how the Bassar people used to provide iron tools to the sub-region.

Taste the fufu from Bassar, which produces the best yams in the country.

Visit an eco-farm and agri-farming learning facility. Meet the people who teach how to grow plants environmentally friendly in this welcoming green haven.

Sleep in a beautiful bungalow made from mud bricks.

Breakfast, lunch



Day 8 – Meet the Batammariba People

Hike in the land of the Batammariba people, cross villages, and enjoy the landscape.

Discover the beautiful architecture of a takienta (Batammariba mud houses), and learn about their culture.

Participate in traditional dancing with Batammariba villagers.

Dine at a local eatery in Niamtougou.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner



Day 9 – Admire nature, arts and crafts of northern Togo

Visit a handicraft center for the disabled, and meet the artisans practicing their skills.

Lunch in Kara.

Meet the weavers and blacksmiths of Bafilo and admire their work.

Marvel at the stunning Aledjo Fault.

Breakfast, lunch



Day 10 – Learn the modern and ancient history of Togo

Visit World War I memorial and learn how Togolese soldiers helped win the war.

Lunch in a local eatery in Notse.

See the remains of the ancient city walls and listen to the story of the Ewe people.

Observe traditional pottery techniques in a specialized village.

Dine organic food at the ecolodge where we spend the night.

Breakfast, lunch



Day 11 – Discover Aneho

Visit a recycling workshop and be amazed by what can be done with plastic waste.

Meet villagers and watch them transform cassava into gari, flour that is commonly eaten in south Togo.

Stroll in a medium-size market and admire fruit, vegetables, crafts, and more stalls.

Lunch by the beach in Aneho.

Enjoy free time in Aneho and choose among activities like visiting the regional museum, kayaking, or just wandering in the city.




Day 12 – Enter the coastal region

Cross the lake on a pirogue to reach Togoville whose king Mlapa III signed the protectorate agreement with Germany, giving birth to Togoland. Stroll in the village and see how the catholic religion and voodoo coexist.

Discover the barter market of Togoville, one of the last in West Africa.

Savor fresh fish for lunch.

Enter the House of Slaves and discover the terrible history of the slave trade.

Make a piece of art out of beach waste at a cultural center.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner



Day 13 – Visit historical sites and relax at the beach

Enjoy free time at the eco-villa.

Have lunch under a hut on stilts in Lake Togo.

Indulge in an afternoon at a beach resort.

Have fun at the farewell party in the eco-villa.

Breakfast, dinner



Day 14 – Depart from Lomé

Breakfast in the eco-villa.

Free time. (depending on your departure time)

Drop off at Lomé airport.


45 min

What’s Included In The Grand Togo Tour

Lodging in double occupancy ($230 supplement for single occupancy)
Airport transfers and transportation for the whole trip
Meals with drinks as specified
Mineral water at will
Tour guide for the whole trip
Entrance fees and local guides
Airfare to Lomé airport
Trip insurance
Meals not specified
Personal expenses & extra drinks

Our Promise To Travel Responsibly

Local Food

We eat fufu, one of the most typical meals in the area.

Our cooks use the agricultural production of the village.

Cultural Heritage

We enjoy traditional dance and music performances.

We learn about simple living in the village.

We discover the local flora and its use.


We use 5-liter water bottles to limit our use of plastic.

The tableware we use is reusable and made of coconut, clay and bamboo.

Fair Trade Travel

We care about our partners and value their contributions. Therefore, we pay them a fair wage.

Our partners range from the village’s traditional authority and the villagers to certified guides and local artists.

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

Book confidently with options to change your plans

Up to 90 days before departure date

Full Refund

We will send your money back, no questions asked

Up to 30 days before departure date

Free Date Changes

Change dates for the same trip and we’ll apply your deposit to this trip

Up to 30 days before departure date

Free Voucher

Cancel your trip and we will send you a voucher you can use on future trips

Our Promise To Travel Responsibly

Local Food

We dine in restaurants that use local and organic products when available.

Vegetarian options are available. You have the opportunity to taste a wide choice of dishes so you can discover the local cuisine.

Cultural Heritage

We spread knowledge about local history and culture. The economic impact of our visit contributes to their preservation.

More specifically, we learn traditional dance and music. We discover the local flora and its use. We meet people from the various regions of Togo. We learn about voodoo. We visit historical sites from World War I and the slave trade.


We opt for small eco-friendly hotels/lodges or guesthouses that are locally owned, built with local material, and sustainably managed when available.

We use 5-liter water bottles to limit our use of plastic.

We collect waste generated during the trip, and we locally recycle or safely dispose of the same.

Fair Trade Travel

We care about our partners and value their contributions. Therefore, we pay them a fair wage.

For the Grand Togo Tour, we partnered with villages’ traditional authorities, dancers, villagers, guides, lodge owners, artisans, and artists.

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Flexible Cancellation Policy

Book the Grand Togo Tour confidently with options to change your plans

Up to 45 days before tour start date

Full Refund

We will send your money back, no questions asked

Up to 14 days before tour start date

Free Voucher

Cancel your trip and we will send you a voucher for the full value of your trip that you can use on future bookings

Up to tour start date

Free Voucher

Cancel your trip for any Covid 19 reason and we will send you a voucher for the full value of your trip that you can use on future trips

Acceptable Covid 19 reasons

  • Proof of Covid 19 positive test of at least one member of your party
  • Travel ban to Togo from your country of residence
  • Travel ban from Togo for people of your nationality or country of residence

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