The Togolese Coastline

On the river and at the beach


2 days

Point de Départ

Lomé, Togo

Taille du Groupe



English & French

Age Minimum


We have put together an exceptional weekend where you will marvel at the beauty of nature from a pirogue on the Mono river, and one man’s struggle to conserve it.

You will have the opportunity to relax by the sea in a sublime setting and exchange with a Togolese artist. You will taste local dishes of fine quality.

Finally, you will stay in a guest house on the seafront, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture using ancestral building techniques and decorated with works of local artists and craftsmen.


2 days from 149 500 FCFA

All included: transportation, food, lodging, entrance fees

Day 1 – The Mono River

From Lomé, we head East to reach the River Mono, where we embark on a traditional pirogue. We ride the river observing the flora, birds, and human activity until we arrive in a charming shack by the river. The cook prepares fishermen’s favorite meal made of fresh fish and local delicacies for our delight.

Nous naviguons à travers les mangroves, et ceux qui le souhaitent peuvent profiter d'une baignade dans la rivière. Puis nous quittons l’eau pour l'écomusée Guindoua d'Aneho. Là, le créateur du musée nous accueille chaleureusement avant que nous ne profitions d'une promenade dans le jardin pour découvrir la flore locale. Notre hôte nous raconte son combat pour la protection et la conservation de la flore locale, notamment les mangroves de la rivière, tout en nous servant des rafraîchissements.

Before dark, we settle in the guest house entirely constructed with local material and decorated with pieces from local artists and artisans. African dinner is served on the roof terrace, facing the ocean.

Déjeuner, dîner



Day 2 – The Beach

After breakfast, we pay homage to our ancestors who were shipped out of the continent at the House of Slaves. We pause to take in the moment.

We have lunch in a beach resort where we take the time to appreciate the pool and beachfront.

Back in Lomé, we visit a painter in his workshop. We discover his art and passion around drinks before saying goodbye at our starting point.

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Longue saison sèche : de novembre à mars

Courte saison sèche : août et septembre


Ethiopian: direct flights from NYC

Air France, Brussels: vols directs de Paris et Bruxelles

Royal Air Maroc: vols directs de Casablanca

Info Pays

Capitale: Lomé

Population: 8 millions

Langue officiel: Français

Autre langues: Mina, Ewé, Kabyè

Monnaie: Franc CFA (XOF)

Fuseau horaire: GMT + 1

Électricité: 220 V

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